Loving Jesus!

My responsibility was, is and always will be, reading and studying the Bible to get to know God’s Word, and live according to it. My responsibility was and is and always will be, to pray daily and fellowship with Jesus to keep my relationship with Him intimate and strong. To get direction from Him for my life and the lives of my children.
My responsibility is to go to church, where the entire truth of the Bible is preached by my Pastor who has studied the Word and sought God for direction on the message He wants her to preach.
Jesus came to this world to teach us God’s will, which is His Word, for all of us. He came to be crucified on the cross, to take our sins upon Himself, all sickness and disease so that by the stripes on His back we are healed. He died for us so that we would live eternally in Heaven, and not in Hell(John 3:16,36). It is knowing this, by hearing God’s Word preached about salvation, and seeing our sin, that we can be set free from all sin and bondage, repenting, and opening our hearts and lives to Jesus.
Our responsibility from that point is to try our best to live a righteous life according to God’s Word. No one is perfect, and at times we will fall, but the more we sit under the Word being preached, daily studying the Bible ourselves, praying and fellowshipping with Jesus, cultivating our relationship with Him, we become stronger to resist temptation.
My passion for Jesus comes from knowing Him, and knowing that He gave His life for me because of His unconditional love for me. It is when a person has this revelation, that they know what it is to be truly loved, and become liberated.
I shared some of what is deep within me in “Incredible Journey” because I love Jesus more than anything in this world. I want people to know that Jesus will do the same for them because He is no respecter of persons(Acts 10:34).